Pay special attention to four points when purchasing hand sanitizer

Investigate whether the packaging of hand sanitizer bottle is outstanding: To investigate the packaging bottle, first see whether the font is clear and visible. Also investigate whether the pump head of the hand sanitizer bottle is reliable. Generally, hand sanitizers with good packaging quality will not show the appearance of liquid failure or leakage during use.

2. Check whether the symbol on the package is complete: pay attention to whether the symbol information such as the factory name and address on the plastic bottle on the lower package is complete. The most important thing is to see if there is a specification number. Although there is no consistent national specification for hand sanitizers, the country does not allow the production of hand sanitizers without a standard. Therefore, each production company should formulate company specifications and mark the company specification number on the package to ensure product quality.

3. Investigate whether the quality of the hand sanitizer itself is questionable: smell the hand sanitizer through your nose to see if it stinks or has an odor. Also investigate whether the hand sanitizer has layering or oil-water separation. If yes, indicate that the emulsification technology is not well controlled during production, which will affect the washing effect.

4. Purchase hand sanitizer in standard stores to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

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