Brief Introduction to Working Principle and Performance Parameters of lotion Pump

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the use of many household products has become more and more convenient, including the application of lotion pump head. Lotion pump is a kind of liquid distribution device that utilizes the working principle of one-way plunger and air pressure balance to form negative pressure or positive pressure in the pump head through reciprocating pressure, discharge the lotion in the bottle, and realize the air pressure balance inside and outside the bottle. Lotion pump is widely used in the packaging of various daily chemical cleaning products because of its convenient use, accurate quantitative, sanitary and reliable characteristics.

When using the lotion pump, first open the plunger. In the process of pressing the plunger, the outer wall of the piston of the lotion pump head opens the piston through the friction of the cavity wall in the cylinder body. When the plunger drives the pump core assembly to press down, the air inside the cylinder body is discharged from the liquid outlet channel connecting the pump core assembly and the plunger.

We can completely discharge the air in the chamber by pressing several times. At this time, release the pump head by hand. Under the action of the return spring, the pump core assembly moves up. At this time, the piston moves down through the friction inner wall to close the liquid outlet. At this time, negative pressure is formed in the internal liquid storage chamber, liquid is sucked in from the bottle through the liquid suction pipe, and the liquid is stored in the liquid storage chamber until the pressure in the bottle and the liquid storage chamber is balanced. At this time, just press the lotion pump head again, the piston moves down, the liquid outlet channel in the pump core assembly opens, and the liquid can be directly ejected from the liquid outlet hole of the head through the liquid outlet channel under pressure. This is the working principle of lotion pump head.

The air pressure times of lotion pump head, pump output and sealing are several very important performance parameters, which are closely related to the product structure of lotion pump and the matching accuracy of various parts. The lotion pump's pumping capacity varies from 0.2 to 5ml/time according to its structure and use scenarios. In terms of leakproofness, it is generally required that under the condition of meeting the requirements of water filling, the vacuum negative pressure is 0.06Mpa and the pressure is maintained for 3 minutes without leakage.