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Yuyao WellPack Sprayer Co.,Ltd is well known China plastic fine mist sprayer manufacturers and custom fine mist sprayer suppliers. we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers’ drawings or samples. We custom Fine Mist Sprayer and OEM/ODM. These products are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Uk, Korea, Australia,Canada and etc.


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What is Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer?

WellPack  is a great tool for cleaning up spills, dust and other messes. They are especially helpful when you have small children around or in a home with pets. The fine mist that is created from these types of sprays can actually prevent some allergic reactions to airborne allergens and dust mites. While they are very handy and can help you tidy up a lot of messes and dust, sometimes you might need to purchase a custom fine mist sprayer.

This is a plastic fine mist sprayer which can be used to apply liquid on plants, cars and other surfaces.This fine mist sprayer is made of plastic and comes with a metal spraying head. It can be used for spraying perfume or liquid soap, etc.

Handy, plastic fine mist sprayer is perfect for watering houseplants, plants and vegetables. Lightweight plastic bottle with a comfortable handle makes it easy to use.The plastic fine mist sprayer is a classic way to add a little bit of pizzaz to any party, especially bridal showers and wedding receptions.

Plastic fine mist sprayer is a great solution for adding a finishing touch on a variety of items, from food to home decor projects. The fine mist creates even coverage with minimal product use.The fine mist sprayer is a great tool for fine misting plants, seedlings and hanging baskets.

This Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer is a great option for your garden and indoor plants, allowing you to spray water in different spray patterns quickly and easily.Easy to use, safe and convenient.Features: 1. Attractive design and stable construction 2. With a good spray pattern 3. Made of environmental plastic 4. Compact size 5. Free of BPA

Design for fine mist spray application. Made of durable plastic material, clear for concise viewing and less cleaning, no clogging and corrosion.

The plastic fine mist sprayer is great for applying finishes, cleaning brushes, and spraying adhesives. A side lock button releases the sprayer head for easy cleaning or removing so you can replace the nozzle or cup with other accessories from your favorite brand of craft supplies.

A Fine Mist Sprayer is an inexpensive and effective way to distribute a fine mist of water over the soil. It can be used either manually or with a hose.

Complete your full house spraying system with the fine mist sprayer. This ergonomic, high-quality applicator fits comfortably in the hand and makes application of anything from water to household cleaners a breeze. The five-setting spray pattern lets you get the desired amount of coverage, making it perfect for general cleaning, plant care, and more!

Add a cutting-edge touch to your home with this plastic fine mist sprayer. It sprays in a continuous fine mist, allowing you to change the amount of water that flows out by adjusting the knob on top. This handy little tool makes watering small plants quick and easy.

Fine mist sprayer is easy to use and convenient. It's perfect for everything, from cleaning shower doors and countertops, to window cleaning and more.The fine mist sprayer offers the best of both worlds, it's a fine mist but also a heavy duty sprayer for tough jobs such as fertilizer, pesticides and weed killers.