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Yuyao WellPack Sprayer Co.,Ltd is well known China plastic foam pump head manufacturers and foaming pump tops suppliers. we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers’ drawings or samples. We custom Foam Pump and OEM/ODM. These products are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Uk, Korea, Australia,Canada and etc.


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What is Foam Pump?

Foam pump, or squeezing foaming device and dispensing pump are convenient and cost-effective means of dispensing liquids. The foam pump output the liquid into the shape of foam, and it's operated by gently squeezing.

This foam pump head is made of high quality plastic. It is durable and lightweight, has good hand feeling, soft and comfortable for your skin.

Plastic foam pump heads are designed to maximize the foam volume and increase foaming efficiency. The specially constructed foam head is used in conjunction with your foam pump and creates a rich lather that helps protect the skin.

Plastic foam pump head that protects your product from external impact and dust.Plastic foam pump head for packaging of shampoo, shower gels, liquid hand soap and body lotion.

This plastic foam pump head is designed to fit into a wide variety of spray bottles, so you can use it for your own concoctions or commercially-made products. It's great for cleaning and disinfecting applications, as well as many other household uses.

This foam pump head is made of high quality plastic. It is durable and lightweight, has good hand feeling, soft and comfortable for your skin.This plastic foam pump head is suitable for use with a range of pumps, ideal for keeping your beard and hair in check.

This plastic foam pump head can be used to produce several kinds of liquid soap, which has the advantages of thick foam and good hand feeling.

This plastic foam pump head is a must-have for any swimmer. It's durable, flexible, and easy to use, making it the perfect product for all ages.A plastic foam pump head is a mechanical device that uses presure to deliver soap and other liquids.

The plastic foam pump head is designed for a variety of products to achieve the desired effect. The pump can be U and V shaped, with a high-tech, but also suitable for small aerosol cans and disposable plastic bottles.

Our plastic foam pump head is a classic bathroom accessory that we can't live without. Made of brown plastic, it allows a stream of soap or shampoo to flow through its tiny holes. Plus, it's compatible with all standard shampoo bottles and allows you to pump out just the right amount every time.

Made of high-quality foam, plastic pump head gives you a comfortable spray every time.Plastic foam pump head is a practical and convenient solution for dispensing your water-based products. Ideal for small liquid volumes, it is available in both manual and electric versions.

With our foam pump head, you can now transfer just the right amount of shampoo or body wash without worrying about spillage or splashing.

plastic foam pump head is the essential heart of liquid dispensing,it can protect the pump from damage and keep the product clean,is made of yellow plastic material,suitable for cosmetic and chemical industry to store liquid add a touch of color to your water dispenser with this foam pump head. its plastic handle allows easy grip and easy operation of the pump, while its silicone base helps prevent water-pressure damage to your dispenser.

This product is an affordable pump head for soap dispensers or foaming hand sanitizers. It's made of polypropylene and polyethylene, and it comes with a foamed polyethylene base to reduce corrosion and promote long-lasting product performance.

These plastic foam pump heads are perfect for any soap or lotion dispenser. The fit is universal and they come with a snap lid to keep your product fresh.