Are lotion pump heads very common in life

The lotion pump head density pad handles tissue, including the pre-compression tissue of the seal and the seal tension tissue attached to the seal. The pre-compression rotary device, which is a tight tissue of the gasket tissue, is rotated by the power device and presses the gasket on the part. So are lotion pump heads very common in life?

1. The rotary unit for pressure rotation contains a tight rotary drive for rotating and transporting parts. Rod equipment disk for equipment sealing rod, which covers the gasket pressure rod, reed to reduce the gasket. Lower pressure bumps. The premature rotation device includes a preloaded pre-rotating disk for rotating and transporting parts, and also includes the upward movement of the pre-loaded rotating disk to the gasket that seals the preload into the gasket set. Preload the rods and load the rods with gaskets and preload the rod equipment tray.

2. The cover of the pressure rod has a reed to reset the pre-pressure rod of the gasket. Below the pre-pressing rotary device, there is an upper pressure of the upper pressing convex which promotes the pressure on the pre-pressing rod. In addition, the pre-compression tissue side of the seal is provided with a shipping seal transfer channel that transfers the seal to the pre-compression rod device disk.

What are the characteristics of the lotion pump head?

1. Lotion pump head dispensers are divided into two types: tie-mouth and line-mouth types. In terms of functionality, it is divided into sprays. foundation cream, lotion pump, gas valve, vacuum bottle

2. The size of the pump head depends on the diameter of the bottle. The length of the same nozzle can be determined according to the height of the bottle.

3. The size of the lotion pump head is 16ml to 38ml, and the water volume is 0.28ml/time-3.1ml/time. It is commonly used in creams and washing products.

4. Special lotion pump head dispenser, such as foam pump head and hand buckle nozzle. The foam pump head is an uninfused manual pressure pump head. It does not require irrigation to produce foam. Essence usually comes with a dedicated bottle. Hand clasp nozzles are often used for products such as cleaners.

5. The composition of power distribution equipment is relatively complex, usually including: dust cover, hoe, rod, filling, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, bottle cap, pump body, straw, valve, valve, steel ball, glass ball). The bottle cap and dust cap can be made in color, electroplating and can be used as an aluminum ring. Since the pump head and large order volume involves more mold, the order volume is 10,000 to 20,000, and the supply period is 15 to 20 days, confirming the supply period.

6. The vacuum bottle is usually cylindrical and the specification is 15ml-50ml. It comes in 100ml individual. The overall capacity is small. It relies on the principle of atmospheric pressure. Plastic, the price is more expensive than other general containers, and normal order requirements are not high.

7. Distributor customers rarely open the mold by themselves.

Aluminum-plastic Screw Locked Lotion Pump
Material: plastic
Usage: Bottles
Feature: Non Spill
Plastic Type: PP
Custom Order: Accept
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: well pack
Model Number: 24/410,24/415,28/400,28/410, 28/415
Item name: metal soap lotion pump
Color: According to the pantone color
MOQ: 10000pcs
Dosage: 1.8+/-0.2ML/T
Specification: 24/410,24/415,28/400,28/410, 28/415
Type of the bottle: match with screw neck bottl
Material: pp
Item No: aluminum lotion pump