Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers

WellPack plastic trigger sprayer used for delivering concentrated foam materials with compressed air to provide rapid coverage of large surfaces.
The 24/410 trigger sprayer uses a smaller and less viscous foam. Its chambers are located at the base of the nozzle and there are no spring-loaded moving pieces. A rubber dust cap completes the assembly and mounts to the unit. This design is well suited to use on solids such as loose materials. It can also be used on larger and more viscous paint materials.
The new 28/410 trigger sprayer has an ergonomic handle design that makes it a lot easier to operate.
The 28/410 trigger sprayer is available with an optional disc top cap. You can opt to replace the disc top cap with another one so that you can easily change out the color of the gun. You can also change the nozzle to a larger one to make it suitable for larger areas
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