Do you know the working principle of lotion pump head

Recently, many friends are asking how the lotion pump head of Meisida Industrial Co., Ltd. in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone works? Let's analyze the working principle of lotion pump head as follows:

1. First press - when we press the actuator of lotion pump head for the first time, the actuator drives the auxiliary rod to compress the spring through the connected main rod; In the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston (PTSTON) rubs against the inner cavity wall of the housing, prompting the piston to open the discharge hole of the branch rod; When the piston (PTSTON) slides downward, the air in the housing is discharged through the open valve rod exhaust hole;

2. Press the lotion pump head repeatedly - all the air in the shell is discharged;

3. Liquid suction - press the actuator by hand through the main valve stem (valve stem), auxiliary valve stem (valve stem) and piston (piston) of the lotion pump head, and jointly compress the spring (spring) to exhaust the air in the housing, and then loosen the actuator (actuator). The spring is because the liquid storage chamber in the shell is in a vacuum pumping state, the glass ball is sucked up, and the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the liquid storage chamber of the shell through the suction tube.

4. Liquid storage - press the pressing head for many times, and store the liquid into the body by sucking it for many times until it is full of liquid.

5. Liquid discharge - when the liquid in the liquid storage cavity of the lotion pump head shell is full, press the actuator again, and the liquid will be directly ejected from the actuator through the liquid discharge hole.