Pay attention to the proper height when installing the plastic pump head

Nowadays, everyone’s life level is improving, and all kinds of products are appearing on the side of everyone’s daily life. Take the daily chemical pump head products that you often see, which include both mobile and fixed products. In today’s social days, you can see this kind of commodity everywhere. The role of plastic pump heads in working hours has also made many people feel convenient. When some fixed commodities are used, pay attention to their height doubts, so that users can be more Convenience is the best.

Some plastic pump heads are used in the field of fire protection. If there is burning smoke, it will actively spray out water. According to the amount of smoke, he will determine how much water is sprayed, or it may be mist or water. Different amounts of water can cope with different fire conditions. The use of plastic pump heads guarantees everyone's life and industrial safety, and plays a very good role in the process of use. If the height of the plastic pump head is not suitable, when there is smoke, the water flow cannot be announced in time, which will affect the application. It is necessary to install the plastic pump head at a suitable height, so that it will have the best effect in such a scene, so pay attention to the height when installing.

Daily cosmetics and detergent category

Application scope of plastic emulsion pump head:
It is used for hand sanitizer, shower gel, facial cleanser, and the pump head above the shampoo. The primary function is to save the amount of liquid. Press quietly and firmly, the lotion will come out, and it is clean and clean, and it will not form polluting lotion. It is everyone The first choice.

How to use plastic lotion pump head:
1. Fix the bottle cap and rotate the pump head according to the figure below the pump head, then the pump head will rise.
2. If the pump head cannot rise, please tighten the cap again and try again.
3. Press down on the pump head by hand.
4. If you still have any doubts, use your force.