Lotion pump heads are very common in people daily lives

Emulsion pump head seal processing tissue, including seal pre-compression tissue and seal pre-compression tissue connected to the seal pre-compression tissue, the pre-compression tissue of the seal includes a power device that drives the rotation and pushes the seal into the part A pre-compression rotating device, the sealing gasket compacting tissue includes a compacting rotating device that is driven to rotate by a power device and presses the sealing gasket on the part.

Preferably, the pressing and rotating device includes a pressing rotating plate for rotating and transporting parts, and a sealing pad pressing rod arranged above the pressing rotating plate and movable downward to press the sealing pad into the part, and The pressure rod equipment plate used for the pressure rod of the equipment gasket, the pressure rod of the gasket is sleeved with a tension spring member that resets the pressure rod of the gasket; Press down the cam plate.

Preferably, the pre-compression rotating device includes a pre-compression rotary plate for rotating and transporting parts, and also includes a pre-compression gasket disposed below the pre-compression rotary plate and movable upward to pre-press the sealing gasket into the part. Rod and a pre-compression rod for equipment seal pre-compression rod and a pre-compression rod equipment disk for loading the sealing gasket, above the pre-compression rotating disk is provided a pre-compression limit disk for restraining parts from being pushed upward; the sealing gasket pre-compression The compression rod is sleeved with a tension spring component that resets the sealing gasket precompression rod; the precompression rotating device is provided with an upper pressure cam disc that pushes the sealing gasket precompression rod.

Further, one side of the pre-compression tissue of the sealing cushion is provided with a sealing cushion conveying channel for conveying the sealing cushion to the pre-compression rod device tray.

The arrangement and production of the lotion pump head are more diversified by setting the sealing gasket to compress the organization and the sealing gasket pre-compressing the organization. The equipment on the lotion pump head assembling machine can make the assembling machine more usable.