Women's consumer psychology of packaged cosmetics

Women, as the main force in the shopping malls in this world, have the mental characteristics of seeking beauty, delicate cognition, rich emotions, strong self-awareness, better at association, and good comparison and boasting. According to their spending thoughts and characteristics, the planning of cosmetics packaging containers should make full use of the rules of color association to fully satisfy women's beauty, sense of excellence, and vanity, highlight their characteristics and values, and then promote the continuous increase in the cost of cosmetics. .
Packaging is not only a container for carrying goods, but also a way of influencing and guiding costs. Today's packaging planning is not only to carry forward its physical function, that is, the function of maintaining goods, but also to promote its mental function, which leads to the attention of consumers, and to develop to the aesthetic level to delight consumers. As far as the current cosmetics market is concerned, the main expenditure group is mainly women. Therefore, it is of great significance to fully understand the mental characteristics of female consumers, to plan their packaging and to increase the sales volume of goods.
1. The primary mental characteristics of women consumers
⒈Aim for excellence in beauty. The love of beauty is common to everyone, and this is particularly acute for women consumers. In the purchasing process, women have a soft spot for products that can beautify the day, have strong decoration, special appearance, and novel styles. In the process of women's memories, they have a strong emotional recall. Therefore, beautiful products with appreciation value can have a dramatic effect on them, making them involuntarily excited, affecting their shopping mood, and then generating certain purchase or possession expectations, and then laying the foundation for the completion of the purchase action.
⒉The cognition is delicate, and the decision plan has a strong mood. Female consumers have rich and delicate emotions. When they encounter products they are interested in, they simply have purchase expectations and are simply affected by the surrounding environment. They quickly constitute purchasing decisions. When a woman purchases a decision plan, she is simply seduced by the intuitive image and the appearance of the product. Beautiful product packaging, obvious window display, outstanding shopping environment, etc. can arouse the active mood and emotion of female consumers and generate purchasing expectations.
⒊ Strong self-awareness and rich association. Women consumers often make self-comparison of products in purchasing decision plans, and think about the cost effect of products. Female consumers often react to the influence of products on their self-image through the evaluation of hot partners and comparisons in the publicity media. There is a fierce recommendation expectation for products that are satisfactory to oneself, and the spreading effect is more outstanding for products that are unsatisfactory to oneself.
⒋Compared to boast that the mind is more intense. Boasting the mind is the state of mind that manifests itself in a certain superhuman through shopping, and it is a concrete manifestation of the mind of beauty and the mind of fashion. Women in this world, especially young and middle-aged women with higher family incomes, love to compare themselves with others in life, and always expect to live a better, more comfortable, and more fulfilling life than their partners, relatives and friends. In their spending activities, in addition to satisfying their own basic day-to-day spending needs or making themselves more beautiful and fashionable, they can also seek high-end, high-quality, and high-priced brand-name products or have a peculiar and extraordinary appearance. Products with unusual characteristics such as, elegant, etc., to show their superiority in position, economic abundance, and elegance in taste.
2. Regarding women's effort to plan cosmetic packaging colors
With the development of modern society, some urban women have extended the working hours in the workplace, thus driving the expenses related to homework. For example, the expenses on beauty, cosmetics, and fitness are on the rise. In 2001, a survey on urban women’s spending in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Harbin, and Guangzhou showed that women’s spending on makeup and beauty is on the rise. The monthly cost of cosmetics, beauty, etc. is less than 100 yuan accounted for 13? Between 100 yuan and 200 yuan accounted for 65? 201 yuan to 300 yuan accounted for 13? 300 yuan or more accounted for 9? Visible, cosmetics shopping malls It is a spending mall full of infinite potential. Whoever can show off in many brand competitions will have unlimited business opportunities and profits. The packaging of cosmetics is the first hurdle that attracts the attention of women consumers, and the color is precisely the key to this hurdle. Therefore, in the packaging planning of cosmetics, we should make full use of the color association characteristics, which arouses the outstanding fantasy of female consumers.
⒈Be better than using colors to bring women's beauty experience, and be satisfied with the love of beauty. Everyone has the love of beauty, especially women who spend more time, their love of beauty is even more outstanding. The color planning of cosmetics should be about the different color preferences of consumers of different ages, and fully satisfy their love of beauty. Regarding the cosmetics of young women, the colors should be fresh and vivid, so as to fully reflect the vitality and well-being of young women. Such as Yaqian Aloe Moisturizing Cream, its emerald green packaging is fresh and natural, full of vitality, and it is easy to be loved by young girls. Regarding the products of middle-aged and elderly consumers, the color should be cautious and elegant. They have a higher demand for product quality and pay more attention to brand spending. For example, the various essence products of SK-Ⅱ, with Chinese red as the main color, not only reflect the traditional Chinese smell, but also give people a noble feeling, but also full of vitality, which makes many women trust this product to nourish the skin. , It has outstanding functions in maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.
⒉The color should be selected according to the positioning of the merchandise sales class to satisfy women's sense of victory and vanity. Different brands of cosmetics have different positioning groups, and the prices of the products are also very different. Cosmetics that are suitable for collective consumption by the masses can be used in the same package with rich colors to meet the needs of consumers of different ages. For example, the packaging of the Dabao series of goods has wonderful combinations of pink, green, blue, purple, black, gold and other colors, with simple lines but rich colors. Consumers of high-end cosmetics are mainly women with outstanding economic conditions. Relatively speaking, they have a strong sense of victory and vanity. They should show the dignity and value of their products through color, and satisfy the collective mental needs. For example, the Amore Yingrun series products are decorated in gold. In Chinese people's concept, gold has a sense of culmination. The choice of gold can fully show the high quality and noble position of the goods. Inozzi crystal keratin series products are selected in purple packaging bottles, and the elegant and noble feeling comes out naturally, so that those who have obtained greater satisfaction.
⒊ Pay attention to the packaging color planning of make-up, highlighting the characteristics and value of women. Products such as moisturizers, whitening creams, foundations and sunscreens can only satisfy the basic skin care needs of women consumers. If you want to highlight the characteristics of charm, make-up is essential. Different make-ups can give people different thoughts and feelings. They can be pure and beloved, fresh and elegant, but also fashionable, sexy, intelligent and intellectual. Therefore, the packaging and color planning of makeup should not only give women consumers a sense of beauty, but also bring them rich associations of characteristics and values.
Cosmetic packaging bottles are only the "coat" of cosmetics. Although planning these "coats" can attract women consumers, the most important thing is the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, it is reminded that those cosmetics manufacturers must be "exclusive and intelligent" to gain a firm foothold in the fiercely competitive cosmetics profession!