What are the basic quality requirements for airless bottles

Appearance processing and graphic printing requirements
1. Color difference: uniform color, in line with regular colors or within the range of color plate sealing samples.
2. Appearance adhesion: spray paint, electroplating, hot stamping, and printing on the appearance of airless bottles and lotion bottles. Use 3M810 test tape to cover printing and hot stamping (silver) parts, smooth them so that there are no bubbles in the cover parts, stay for 1 minute, and show 45 °, then quickly tear off, the peeling area is less than 15%
3. Printing and bronzing (silver): fonts and pictures should be correct, clear and uniform, without significant skew, dislocation, or defect; bronzing (silver) should be complete, no missing hot, dislocation, no significant overlap or jagged .
4. Wipe the printing part back and forth twice with gauze soaked in sterilizing alcohol, and there is no phenomenon of discoloration of printing and drop of bronzing (silver).

Appearance quality requirements
1. Appearance: Airless bottles and lotion bottle caps should be complete, smooth, free of cracks, burrs, deformation, oil, shrinkage, clear and plump threads; airless bottles and lotion bottles should be complete, stable, smooth, and the mouth should be correct and lubricated , The thread is plump, no burrs, holes, no obvious scars, stains, deformation, and no significant dislocation of the parting line. The transparent bottle should be clear and clear.
2. Cleanliness: clean inside and outside, no free pollution, no ink stain pollution.
3. Outer packaging: The packaging carton must not be dirty or damaged. The inside of the box should be lined with a plastic protective bag. The packaging of easily scratched bottles and caps should be subject to scratch prevention. Each box is packed in a fixed quantity, sealed with tape in the shape of "I", and mixed. Each batch of shipments is accompanied by a factory inspection report, and the outer box identification, product name, specification, quantity, production date, manufacturer, etc., must be clearly identifiable.
Product functional requirements
1. High temperature test requirements
Vacuum bottles and lotion bottles filled with water (insoluble particle size should not be greater than 0.002mm), put them in a thermostat +50° C ± 2° C, take it out after 24 hours, and restore at room temperature for 2 hours. There is no rupture or deformation in the test. , Discoloration, ointment leakage, water leakage, etc.
2. Strength of plastic container:
The plastic container is at room temperature 20° C ± 5° C, filled with clean water and dropped freely from a height of 1.0m once, on the cement floor, no leakage; PP, PET, PET-G, SAN, PMMA raw materials, after passing After the drop test, it was promised that 1 5% of them would break in appearance, and there would be no effect on the function. (Except for PMMA lotion bottle)
3. Spray volume, volume, first discharge:
The bottle is filled with 3/4 of colored water or solvent. Lock the pump head and the bottle tightly. Press the pump head at 3 to 9 for non-essential liquid discharge. The spray volume and volume are within the set requirements.