Accelerate the promotion and transformation of the marketing model


"Wearing VR and MR glasses, customers can browse, disassemble, and combine the 3D products on the virtual display until they select a satisfactory product." Guangdong Xiangshan Weighing Apparatus Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiangshan Weighing Apparatus") is A 25-year-old "old face" appeared at the Canton Fair, but for the company's vice president Tan Wenqing, this year's "Cloud" Canton Fair is new. Foreign trade managers and salespersons turned into anchors and took photos to promote their products; the booth was moved to the "cloud" side, and live broadcasts, 3D displays, VR virtual exhibition halls and other tricks were used to display online corporate products and overall image... This year's first "cloud" is destined to bring the most memorable experience for exhibitors.