Working principle of lotion pump

With the gradual improvement of people's living conditions, the use of many household products has become more and more convenient, including the application of plastic lotion pump. Lotion pump, also known as push type emulsion pump, is a liquid preparation tool that uses the principle of atmospheric pressure balance to make the emulsion in the bottle pop out by pressing, and can also add external atmosphere to the bottle. Next, I will talk about the working principle of emulsion pump and its important functions and parameters.
When purchasing products containing lotion pumps, you should know that during the pressing process, it is necessary to connect its head and drive the piston to use under the action of the compression spring. In the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston of the lotion pump often makes the piston fully open through the friction of the inner cavity wall, and the liquid appears in the discharge hole of the piston head. When the piston moves downward, the internal air will be discharged from the piston head.
We can completely exhaust the air in the inner chamber by pressing it for many times, then press the head by hand, and then exhaust the air in the inner chamber by the action of the piston connecting rod and the compression spring. At this time, loosen the pressure head of the emulsion pump by hand, and the spring will lose its pressure and move down again. At this time, the piston moves down through the friction inner wall to close the drain hole. At this time, the internal liquid storage gun will be located at the pump head of the hollow lotion pump, absorb the liquid for many times, and can store the liquid in the cylinder until there is no gap. At this time, just press the head of the emulsion pump again, the liquid can be directly ejected from the mouth through the discharge port, which is the working principle of the emulsion pump.
As we all know, the pump output of lotion pump is often a very important parameter, which relates to the error and sealing of each component of the emulsion pump. Generally speaking, the times of air compression and the volume of compressed liquid are important parameters for user experience, and also a very important standard for manufacturers to test lotion pumps in the production process. I hope that through this article, we can have a basic understanding of the working principle of emulsion pump.