What are the benefits of black plastic spray perfume bottles?

There are several potential benefits to using black plastic spray perfume bottles:
Protection from light: Black plastic is often used for perfume bottles because it helps protect the fragrance from light, which can cause the scent to degrade and lose potency.
Cost-effective: Plastic is generally less expensive than glass or metal, making black plastic spray perfume bottles a cost-effective option for packaging and distributing perfume.
Lightweight: Plastic is also lighter than glass or metal, which can make it easier and more convenient to transport perfume bottles, particularly for businesses shipping large quantities of product.
Durability: Plastic bottles can be more durable than glass, as they are less likely to shatter or break if dropped or otherwise mishandled.
Customizable: Plastic can be easily molded into a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows for greater customization in perfume bottle design.