Performance characteristics of plastic caps and cap inspection

Plastic caps are the most commonly used packaging forms for bottles, cans, and barrels, especially in the fields of beverages, chemicals, and medicine. According to their uses, they can be divided into breathable plastic caps and airtight plastic caps.

1. Performance characteristics

1. There is an annular leak-proof ring on the top inner wall of the general plastic cover; there are also ordinary plastic bucket covers that need to match the inner cover, so there is no need to design a leak-proof ring;

2. The lower end of the plastic cover is connected to an anti-theft ring through a tensile rib;

3. At the same time, there are several sheet-like gyratory tension wings evenly distributed on the inner wall of the anti-theft ring;

The plastic bucket lid designed in this way has the characteristics of firm sealing, good leak-proof and anti-theft performance, safe and convenient use, can effectively prevent the liquid in the container from being polluted by the outside, and can ensure that the packaging of various liquid products conforms to national safety standards.

2. Bottle cap inspection

So how to reasonably control the sealing performance of plastic caps is the focus of online or offline testing of production units. For plastic anti-theft bottle caps, because of the need to test the degree of sealing, a positive pressure sealing tester is used, but the positive pressure sealing tester in the market The tester directly injects compressed air into the sealed container, so that it will inevitably explode when the container is defective. According to expert calculations, if a 2.5-liter Coke bottle explodes at 1.2MPa, its destructiveness is quite high. At 100-150 grams of explosives.