Inspection standard: 24 and 28 teeth plastic pump head

1. The dosage of plastic pump head: 2±0.2g

2. The first pumping water: ≤6 times, the length of the straw is less than 25CM.

3. Torque force for opening the press mouth: 72 hours after the torque mouth is assembled, "2KGF.M≤twisting force value≤10KGF.CM

4. The sealing performance of the plastic pump head: the bottle is full (water, emulsion) and the product is locked, (room temperature 43 ℃, low temperature 10 ℃) no leakage under any placement situation, the vacuum pressure is negative 0.08Mpa, the pressure is maintained 5 seconds without leakage, external pressure 10N. Keep the pressure for 3-5 minutes without leakage.

5. Length of plastic pump head straw: length ±2MM

6. Damage test: the product is free to fall 3 times from the level of 1.2M, and the parts are not separated.

7. Service life of plastic pump head: ≥1000 times

8. Applicable products: hand soap, facial cleanser, body lotion, gel cream, shower gel, shampoo, etc.

9. Material: PP

10. Conventional packaging materials for plastic pump heads: Outer box size (CM): 58.5*45.5*29, about 800 pieces per box.