High-quality PET plastic bottles should have the following characteristics

⑴ bottle mouth appearance

The end surface of the bottle mouth should be flat, without damage and gaps, with complete threads, complete crystallization, no overflow, no wire drawing, no deformation, and there should be no oil stains inside and outside.

⑵ bottle body

Good molding, high transparency, no bubbles, black spots, oil stains, stiff material, scratches, hard rings, atomization, whitish, colored bottles should be uniform in color, no obvious color difference.

⑶ bottle bottom

Well formed, no dents, no bulges, no center store deviation, no cracks at the bottom of the bottle, no delamination.

⑷ Hygiene

The appearance of the bottle is clean, dry, free of oil and dust, no peculiar smell, and no impurities in the bottle.

⑸Appearance after filling

There is no shrinkage and deformation of the bottle mouth and bottle body, no flat bottle, no side wall deformation, no convex bottom, no depression.