Basic quality requirements of pump head

The pump head is a main container accessory in cosmetic packaging materials. Its main function is to absorb the contents for application through the cooperation with plastic bottles, glass bottles, hoses and other containers. Therefore, the quality of the pump head directly determines the consumer’s The experience of this product, the content of this article, mainly describes some basic quality elements of the pump head packaging materials, for the reference of professional friends in the Youpin community:
1. Basic requirements for surface appearance
1. Smooth and complete, uniform thickness, no obvious skew, defect, or missing parts
2. Dirty/foreign matter: foreign matter cannot be removed, product contact area: dirt and foreign matter can be wiped off, non-product contact area: dirt and foreign matter can be wiped off
3. Miscellaneous: There is no obvious color difference, mottled spots or mottled lines.
4. The dust cover is well matched, not easy to fall off, no scratches, no variegated spots.
5. Cloak/burr: cloak and burr do not affect the use function, appearance and feel
2. Basic requirements of product and structure
1. Weight: less than 3% deviation of the weight
2. Supporting: Flexible rotation, moderate tightness; no slippery teeth. The gap between nozzle and bottle neck is ≤1.5mm.
3. Suction tube: the length is appropriate and it is not easy to loosen.
4. Number of pumping times: liquid, emulsion type ≤5 times; cream type ≤10 times.
5. Spraying effect: the spray nozzle needs to be foggy, and the maximum range of the spray nozzle and the indenter needs to be more than 1m.
6. Weight: generally according to the contractual weight
7. Size: the size agreed in the contract
8. Thickness: the thickness agreed in the contract
9. Printing/hot stamping adhesion: soak in water for 0.5h, ozone fumigation for 0.5h, and UV irradiation for 1h without peeling off. 3M-810/3M-600 peel test, the peeling area is less than 10%. Alcohol wipe test, the inner material is wiped for 1H, no obvious peeling off
10. Electroplating/spraying adhesion: ①3M-810/3M-600 100 grid test, the shedding area is less than 10%. ②Alcohol wipe test, the inner material was wiped for 1H, and there was no obvious peeling off and discoloration.
11. Cooperate: Cooperate tightly, smoothly, without loose or slippery teeth.